How Can life coaching help you


So what is life coaching?

The role of a Life Coach is to help you, as the client, identify and close the gap between your reality and your dreams. We will use a gradual process to look through your thoughts and beliefs and understand what is important to you. Life coaches are not therapists or counsellors, so as a life coach, I will offer emotional support and motivation to help you identify your challenges and make goals and plans to promote your health, potential and feelings of fulfilment. I will help you bring a positive change and an increased self-awareness to your life. As a life coach, I will explore the barriers you are facing with you, and guide you to set goals to overcome them.

Identifying what is important to you in your life will help you gain clairty. When you are living in alignment with your core values, you are able to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Once we have identified your core values, goals are easier to set and you will have a good foundation to achieving them. As well as this, we will be able to overcome any limiting beliefs, and more importantly, build your self-confidence. Along with limiting beliefs, I can help you change your mindset. 

Mindset is a really interesting exploration of yourself. Without really knowing, you may find that you have a fixed mindset, where you are constantly seeking approval and success. You may struggle to accept failure and often this will be a big factor in the development of limiting beliefs. However, a growth mindset is where failure is seen as a learning opportunity. Instead of thinking "I can't believe I only got 2nd, maybe I'm just not good enough", it relies more on asking yourself "What did 1st do that I didn't, how can I improve next time?".