• Molly Ryan

10 tips to feeling less anxious

As we are all starting to get back to ‘normal’ as lock down has eased, I have noticed a lot of people starting to feel anxious about the future. So here are a few easy tips to help keep you relaxed and feeling in control again.

#1 Visualisation

Visualisation is great for planning ahead. If you’re feeling nervous about doing a test or starting a new adventure, stop thinking about what could go wrong, and imagine yourself doing it right. Visualise yourself doing that particular activity and how you want it to go. Take note of the things that you did to make sure it had a positive outcome. You can then use that to help build a plan for the real thing.

#2 Music

Listening to music helps you to distract your mind from overthinking. The more we are thinking of the thing making us anxious, the more anxious we become! Having something in the background which can distract us helps our mind to relax and take a breather from worrying.

#3 Talk to someone

Talking to someone who has already experienced what is making us anxious is really helpful. They know what is coming and can help answer all the questions you want to know about. Talking to friends or family can help too. Having someone else’s point of view on the situation may give you some extra pointers to make you more prepared, or just help to clear your mind from the ‘what if’ moments.

#4 Stay in the reality

Worrying about what is about to happen will only increase how anxious you are feeling. Most of the time we become anxious because we want to know what is going to happen. Unfortunately though we cannot see in the future, so this just causes us more problems. Instead, focus on the reality. What do you need to do to be prepared for the future? If it's a test you’re feeling anxious about, what do you need to revise? If you spend your time worrying about the questions you may be asked, then you end up wasting the time you could be using to prepare yourself.

#5 Do something

Sitting around isn’t going to help. Go for a walk, watch a film, or start the jobs you have been putting off for another time. Like tip #2, having a distraction will help you feel less anxious.

#6 Write a list

Grab a piece of paper and write down EVERYTHING that is making you feel anxious. This helps to clear your mind and gives you something visual to look at. You can then work through this list and make a plan for each worry.

#7 Self care

Take a long bath, go out to bed earlier, get a massage, have some ‘you’ time. Schedule some time in your day where you just forget everything else and focus on you.

#8 Exercise

Exercising is a great way of dealing with stress, anxiety and just general mental health. It allows you to focus on something else and frees your mind up to start processing things more rationally.

#9 Sleep

A good night’s sleep is so important for dealing with stress. Enough sleep is crucial for daily function, it gives us enough energy to deal with our daily life as well as the daily stressors.

#10 Time Management

Having a good plan of when you are going to complete tasks in your day reduces the stress of trying to fit everything in to 24 hours. If you know when your next task is coming, you can organise your day in the most efficient way. Being organised will really help reduce stress and feel in control again.

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