• Molly Ryan

Dealing with Success

Just like failure, dealing with success is just as important to do it right. Not everything to do with success means you have won. Success can be as simple as achieving the goal you set at the beginning of the week. When you have success, you need to remember to celebrate it!

  • Stop focusing on everyone else.

Focusing on others only belittles your own successes. Everyone is aiming to reach their own individual goals. Not everyone is walking the same path to the same dream. If we continuously compare our successes to everyone else, then we only add pressure on ourselves and become stuck in a fixed mindset.

  • Remember you deserve it!

When you have reached a goal, you need to celebrate it! We have to become responsible for our mistakes AND our successes. When we reach a goal, it's a great chance to look at how far we’ve come and all the challenges we have faced to get to that point. This is what allows us to grow and build our confidence.

  • You don’t always have to do it alone.

Remember those who have helped you. Whether this is family, friends, teachers, or people whose opinions we haven’t asked for. Somewhere down the line, these people have said or done something which has given you the motivation to carry on. Make sure you share your successes with them and celebrate together. This could be as simple as a Facebook or Instagram post.

  • Don’t worry about what others think.

As we become more ‘successful’ in our lives, it's common for people to change. As we grow, others start to notice how much happier or confident you are feeling. Occasionally this causes more insecurities within themselves, but is then directed to you. It happens to everyone. You may know someone, who was once a friend, suddenly disappears and does not talk to you as you become more successful, or you may have even felt jealous as you see a friend being more successful than you. It's an emotion we all experience and is something we have to face on our own. It's really important to not let this affect you. Your successes are your own. One day they too will reach their own successes.

Success, no matter how big or small, is a massive achievement. Be proud of yourself for reaching that point! Allow yourself to celebrate and be proud.

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