• Molly Ryan

Effective goal setting and why it's important.

I have noticed that a lot of the time I say that goals need to be set to help you achieve your dreams, but knowing where to start can be a bit confusing. So I thought this may just be a good blog to do today!

Goals are your idea of what you want to achieve. They help to build a clear path and need to be small and achievable. In order for your goals to be successful, they need to be SMART.

Specific - specific to the dream you have.

Measurable - easy to know when you have achieved that goal. Setting small goals will help you remain motivated and responsible for each goal and your dream.

Achievable - goals need to be achievable. You need to set them so that they are possible to achieve.

Realistic - make sure they are in line with your overall dream. If they are not going to help you in the long term, they can off balance you for the future.

Time - set reasonable time frames. Think how much time you are going to need to achieve that goal. Simple goals may take a day to complete, but some may take weeks. There

are no expectations for how long it may take, but it needs to be realistic for you.

If your goals fit with these five targets, then you’re well on your way to having an effective goal which is more likely to be successful. It's important for goals to be effective so that you can create a good, structured action plan. Once the goal is clear, the path to achieving that goal is clear too. Action plans should be specific, reasonable and realistic for you.

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