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How you can become more motivated

“Sometimes later becomes never, do it now”

A quote I found while searching the internet for inspiration and I think it fits pretty well. I know it's not always possible to do something right here and now, but I’m sure you can agree that sometimes you can convince yourself that the thing you need to do can be done tomorrow. I am very guilty of this. Whether this is getting the horses ridden, or when I had assignments due for my degree. Often I will leave it for the next day and very often it will be too late. I then feel the guilt because I know that I could have done better on that assignment, if I had only focused earlier.

This can be similar for so many different parts of our lives. ‘Should I start running today or tomorrow?’, ‘I need to cut the grass, but the weather looks better next week’, ‘I really need to book the car in for a service, but it’s already four o’clock, I’ll do it in the morning’. However, this lack of motivation can lead to us building limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs will start to form negative behaviours. With these building, overtime we can start to miss opportunities that are presented to us. More importantly, our confidence in our own abilities can start to be questioned.

So how can you stop saying ‘maybe later’ and have the motivation to ‘do it now’?

Set Goals

Setting goals is a really great way to clearly see what you actually have to do. They don’t have to be big goals, a simple one is even better. Maybe start by saying ‘I’m going to go for a 20 minute walk today’. Each day you can lengthen the time to eventually becoming just a part of your daily routine. Not only will you feel you have achieved something, but your confidence in setting and fulfilling goals will boost your self esteem.

Take the time to achieve your goals

It's important to take the time to plan and then do the goals you set. A good idea is to think about the goal you want to achieve the day before or in the morning while having your morning coffee. You don’t need to spend hours doing this, but thinking about when you want to achieve the goal is going to help you stay committed and responsible for it. You may know that you are busy in the mornings and evenings, but you have a few spare hours after lunch where you normally sit on the sofa watching TV. Why not plan to turn off all distractions and sit somewhere comfortable to complete the assignment you have due. If it helps, set an alarm and stick to it.

Get Active

Sometimes it might seem that all the housework just builds up and the motivation to start becomes nonexistent. Why not write a ‘to do list’. A really simple idea, but by pinning it up somewhere visible for you to see, you will feel the accomplishment and positive reward as you start to cross off the different chores on the list. Remember to keep the lists short though. Having a long list can seem daunting and can have the opposite effect.


Mindset is something that we should all be consciously making an effort to become more aware of. Our mindset affects nearly everything we do and believe about ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in. Having a fixed mindset means we loose the motivation in fear of failure. If we know we are going to try something new or difficult, then we are less likely to feel motivated to do it. By changing our mindset and looking at the situation differently, our whole perspectives change. Instead of thinking about how many words you have written for an assignment which you are struggling to understand the concept of, take the time to pause and think about it. Think about what you are not uderstading and think about how you can change that. Is there someone who can help you understand. A youtube video to watch which explains it again. Then think about the assingment you were writing. What was the question really asking you to answer? Write a plan before starting, making it clear the topics you want to include. Once it’s done, think about everything you learned from that experience, what went well and what could have been better. It's important to focus on the achievements as much as the negatives. If you use the growth mindset, you will find the next time you are faced with a similar situation, that it's less challenging and more enjoyable that you thought it could ever be.

Eat Chocolate!

I don’t often need telling twice why chocolate is good for you, but if you want to get scientific here it goes. Chocolate will release hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which will promote calm and elevate the heart rate. So you could always call it ‘brain food’. I would probably suggest eating chocolate while writing your ‘to do list’ so you feel more inspired to start the tasks quickly. Even if this is not as true as we would all like to hope, it tastes good and is a great way to start your process of improving motivation.

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