• Molly Ryan

We're getting there!

A few weeks back I took Cami to a competition. I set myself some goals, and overall I was really proud of her. We went on our own, did two different tests and then rode home alone again. Her behaviour was incredible from the moment we left the yard. I then collected our sheets and was a bit disappointed. I wasn’t disappointed because she had done anything wrong, and it had nothing to do with placings… I just knew she could do better.

I spent the afternoon moping around thinking over the tests and our low scores. I then realised that I was doing everything wrong! I had achieved my goals. I had ridden down to the show on my own, actually remembered and ridden TWO tests, and she behaved amazingly. These were my goals and we HAD achieved them.

So what was next? I looked at the sheets and chose two areas I wanted to improve on. I decided that we needed to focus on using our corners more in the arena and Cami needed to look more active. I then found the next dressage competition and booked us in. We did the exact same tests, and I made a real conscious effort to only focus on these two goals.

When we got our sheets back, not only had our scores had increased by 10%, she placed 1st and 3rd out of our biggest classes yet!

The whole point of this is to show that it doesn’t matter how you do on paper. Everything is a learning experience. Even if you only reach one goal today, you need to celebrate and appreciate that. Be proud of yourself! Taking the time to really think about how your day has gone and seeing the positives is so important. Once we have done this, our mindsets are in a strong position to then focus on the not so good bits and see how we can improve.

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